... Other ongoing projects

  • Neural Basis of Ethical Consumption (Daehyun Jung) and Moral Judgments Under the Observation by Others (Minwoo Lee)

  • Neural Mechanism of Similarity-liking Effect (Pyungwon Kang)

  • Neural Markers of Individual Variability in Prosocial Propensity within the Medial Prefrontal Cortex (Sunhae Sul)

  • The Effect of Intranasal Oxytocin Administration on Social Comparison (Eunyoung Kim) and Moral Judgments (Minwoo Lee)

  • Neural Mechanism of Social Influence on Preference Judgments (Heejung Jung)

  • Reputational Concern and Self-referential Processing (Kwangwook Kim)

  • Neural Basis of Individual Variability in Empathy and Perspective-taking (Nuri Kim)

  • Neural Mechanism of Illusory Correlation and its Role in the Formation of Social Stereotypes (Minsun Kim)

  • Neural Basis of Moral Parochialism, Neural correlates of Need for Recognition and its developmental trajectories  (Leehyun Yoon)